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Here are links to some sites that we love, and a short description of them.

Partner Sites

[DkR] Clan - The Dark Reavers Clan Website (by Darkademic).

Political & Philosophical Sites

Importance of Philosophy - An excellent philosophical introduction site.
Objectivism Online - A brilliant Objectivist website.
Ayn Rand Institute - The "official" Objectivist website. - Has a great introduction to capitalism.
Refutation of Religion - The best refutation of religion on the net.
Capitalist Magazine - An excellent capitalist resource.
MootStormfront - A growing opposition to
Freedomain Radio - A philosophy site ran by Stefan Molyneux with hundreds of podcasts.
Infidel Guy - A great radio show and free-thought website.
Capitalist Paradise - Some great capitalist (Objectivist) forums (inactive but viewable).


Dannidandannikins - Objectivist video blogger.
Mr. Cropper - Objectivist video blogger.
Qtronman - Objectivist video blogger.
Nine9s - Objectivist video blogger.
Horvay - Objectivist video blogger.
Paul McKeever - Objectivist video blogger.
Capitalist Phil - Objectivist video blogger.
JWoodsWCE - Objectivist video blogger.
The Amazing Atheist - Atheist video blogger.
XOmniverse - Anarcho-capitalist video blogger.
Stefan Molyneux - Anarcho-capitalist video blogger.