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New Site

Woop! I've more or less completed the new site design. There are a few kinks which need smoothing out, mainly to do with the back-end, but other than that I'm dead chuffed with how it's turned out. It's a fairly similar layout to the previous design, except I've gone back to the classic light on dark which has been the mainstay of the site for every design prior to the last one. I've done away with the Flash navigation simply because it's not really advisable to use Flash for such an vital element of the site. I will probably play around with the banner once everything else is finished though, because I was fond of the clouds and lightning effects on the previous banner. I think this design is much neater because the spacing is much more uniform. The drop shadows I used before were a nightmare to make consistent, even though they did look quite nice.

I've heavily revamped the music section too. It is a bit more like a Soundclick type thing now, with each song having its own informati… continue reading