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Colour Profiles, Wide Gamut and Websites

A while back, I searched for some guidance on this subject, and whilst there are plenty of articles discussing colour profiles in general, and a few on their applicability to web design, none of them really answered all of my questions so I had to do some experimentation.

Colour profiles are something which graphic designers are most likely already familiar with (and if not, they should be). Web designers on the other hand, have probably never had much experience with them. They are basically little pieces of information which are attached to image files to tell the monitor (or other device) how to display the colours used in the image. This is necessary to achieve consistency across devices which may display colours differently to each other.

In the past, this was primarily relevant to graphic designers producing print work, as the same colour value often appears significantly differently on a computer screen compared to on paper or other materials.

Web design only deals with scree… continue reading

Name Change

I've decided to retire the name DarkReaver13 as of Monday and I've since been updating my details on a ton of websites. I've used the name for many years (since 1999 if you count when it was the shortened variant "DReaver13"), but I felt it was time to change it for a few reasons:

Firstly, the name Dark Reaver is used by several other people on various websites and games, and even DarkReaver13 itself is used by at least one other person (meaning I had to use "D4rkReaver13" on several prominent websites). It's also the name of a Death Knight on World of Warcraft, and the name of a sword in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Darkademic is completely unique as far as I can tell, other than a couple of references to "Darkademia".

Secondly, my gaming clan is called Dark Reavers, which implies either that I am subordinate to the group, or that I "am" the clan. I think it's much better to have two distinct names.

Thirdly, DarkReaver13 is a bit of a mouthful, and is actually just three separate … continue reading

Sun Tzu's Art of War

“If your enemy is watching your knife, spoon out his eye.”

I watched a History Channel documentary on Sun Tzu's Art of War yesterday, and whilst the above quote didn't come from Sun Tzu (indeed, I myself lay claim to that little parcel of wisdom) it was very, very interesting. I've read the Art of War, however the documentary successfully extracted some of the most prominent strategic ideas and applied to them to historical conflicts ranging from ancient China, to the American Civil War, to World War II, to Vietnam.

I'd recommend the documentary to anyone with even a slight interest in military strategy or historical conflict.

Spaghetti Code

I've recently gone over a few related topics to do with programming and/or web development. The pejorative term "spaghetti code" gets thrown around a lot, however I think many of the people who use it don't really understand what it means. Some use it to describe where HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS and Javascript are all intermingled; but this isn't (necessarily) spaghetti code. Similarly, others use it to describe the lack of a layered architecture or framework (such as MVC) where particular functionalities are separated; but this isn't (necessarily) spaghetti code either.

Spaghetti code specifically refers to code that is a tangled mess, meaning that it is incredibly difficult to follow and understand. For example, a script might have random includes, functions and objects scattered throughout it which make it extremely difficult to follow the code through in sequence, and nigh on impossible to continue working and building upon. Such an issue is often made worse by weak or non-existent documenta… continue reading

Anarchism vs Minarchism

It's been a long time since I really thought about Anarcho-Capitalism/Market Anarchism, probably because I've been so busy working, moving house and dislocating my knee. In fact, the last time it was on my mind was last November when I private messaged aaron0883 on YouTube about it; I'm sure he's forgotten all about that by now. Anyway, arguments between Market Anarchists and Minarchists (whether Libertarians or Objectivists) on YouTube, whilst perhaps not as prominent as they once were, are still common. A recent example is a video debate between Stefan Molyneux and Jan Helfeld where they argued for Market Anarchism and Libertarian Minarchism respectively.

Putting aside the actual content of the warring between Market Anarchists and Minarchists, I think that the debate itself is very misguided. By that I mean both sides put a tremendous amount of effort into battling the other, and this effort would be better used to either propagate the message of liberty itself, or to combat tho… continue reading

The MVC Pattern

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller and is an architectural pattern used in programming. The intention behind the pattern is to separate presentation from logic, much in the same way that CSS stylesheets separate the visual elements of a webpage from the structural HTML markup. Models represent the data, the view represents how the data is displayed to the user and the controller deals with the interaction between the two.

Before I go any further, please be aware that this blog entry is aimed at MVC in relation to building websites, not MVC in general.

In my previous blog entry I discussed PHP frameworks. Many of these implement the MVC pattern and so it is becoming quite popular amongst web developers. However in general, I remain unconvinced that it is really the best approach to use.

Whilst I am keen on object-oriented programming which separates code into manageable blocks, I find that the MVC pattern needlessly complicates things. For example, the MVC pattern requires one to… continue reading