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Racism vs Multiculturalism = False Dichotomy

Thu 26th January, 2012 by Darkademic
You often see debates between those who favour racism/ethno-nationalism/religious nationalism, and those who favour multiculturalism/tolerance, as if these represent two ends of a spectrum.

It's the short-sighted, backwards desire to preserve (i.e. enforce) racial, ideological or cultural hegemony within a given geographical area, versus the naive, careless and dangerous desire to tolerate any and all cultures.

The value of a specific group, versus the value of all groups indiscriminitely.

However, these two positions are two sides of the same coin. One type of collectivism vs all kinds of collectivism. The former is a misallocation of value - seeing value in something which possesses none. The latter is a rejection of value altogether - promoting diversity for diversity's sake.

Individualism is the true alternative to these two doctrines. The appreciation of value in individuals, as individuals.


Kek (Guest)
2 weeks ago
Islam/sharia is not an individual movement, and to say it was is deceitful. Unless you consider Prophet Muhammad's dead doctrine as theoretically true. As a messenger, he could be interpreted as an appreciation of value, in individuals, and his followers as individuals. Which, of course. Is NONSENSE!

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