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Name Change

I've decided to retire the name DarkReaver13 as of Monday and I've since been updating my details on a ton of websites. I've used the name for many years (since 1999 if you count when it was the shortened variant "DReaver13"), but I felt it was time to change it for a few reasons:

Firstly, the name Dark Reaver is used by several other people on various websites and games, and even DarkReaver13 itself is used by at least one other person (meaning I had to use "D4rkReaver13" on several prominent websites). It's also the name of a Death Knight on World of Warcraft, and the name of a sword in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Darkademic is completely unique as far as I can tell, other than a couple of references to "Darkademia".

Secondly, my gaming clan is called Dark Reavers, which implies either that I am subordinate to the group, or that I "am" the clan. I think it's much better to have two distinct names.

Thirdly, DarkReaver13 is a bit of a mouthful, and is actually just three separate … continue reading


Yes, rejoice as I post the first blog entry in almost a year. I actually started writing a new entry a few times but never got round to finishing them and lost what I'd wrote.

I've been working a lot for my business making websites and doing a ton of admin. One of the most impressive feats was developing a custom accountancy system which calculates our wages, gross/net profit, national insurance contributions, VAT, income tax, expenses etc., which is possibly one of the most complicated applications I've made, particularly because of the way taxation is worked out and due to the tax year ending on the 5th of April rather than the 31st of December. My company's website has been tweaked and tweaked and tweaked and it's more or less completely complete now in terms of what we want it to do and how we want it to look. Of course, more functionality can still be added.

I've been trying my hand at some PHP frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Zend, however I'm still largely unconvi… continue reading


Unfortunately I haven't been keeping this blogging lark up recently, simply because I've been too busy with my business work, and my university work (which is now piled up higher than some kind of tower, like the Eiffel Tower, or maybe like the Colossus of Rhodes). Construction of my company website was completed a few weeks ago, and we've been doing some other work since then which has gone really well; and for university I basically have my final project and 3 hefty essays to do before graduation in July. I've put [DkR] on hold for a while until all this work is out of the way. Anyway, this blog will kinda just be a mish-mash of random thoughts which have accumulated in my brain and which I deem worth mentioning, even though they will probably be totally uninteresting to nearly everyone who might read them.

LaCie finally sent me the replacement power supply for my 1TB external hard-drive which I bought 3 months ago, so I'm now happy with a spacious 1580GB of hard-disk real-estate. I… continue reading

Dribbles of Dribble

Now then, now then. Well, second week back went fairly rapidly.. My bro drove me over to Leeds last Sunday on his way to gym and I went to Mat's place for some high class entertainment. We did some work on our various projects, played some games, and had a generally pleasant evening. Had a seminar on Monday which was alright; doing about web-accessibility issues. Afterwards we grabbed some food from an Indian - Mat bought some crazy-ass Indian desserts which were spherical and sugary. We had another game of bowling and I got flippin' 3 strikes in a row!! Did a load more work and gaming in the evening, and also watched a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords, which is a damn funny sit-com from the U.S., featuring 2 New Zealanders who have moved to New York (I posted a thing about it on the forums). We didn't get to sleep 'til the early hours (again (I see a pattern emerging)).

On Tuesday we went back to mine, and Mat brought his brand new PC (which is almost identical to mine) becaus… continue reading

First Week Back

A busy week it has been! My first week back at university has been pretty crammed actually. I've been over at Mat's and vice-versa, and we've progressed in various fields. I beat him quite impressively at bowling but he beat me at a game of golf (I also came last in a golf game with Mat, Chris and James).. I've never been good at golf though.. We've both been working on our websites a lot, often working into the early hours, and we have come up with some ambitious plans for Swarm involving branching out into entertainment media. For example, we have ideas to make comically re-dubbed videos and spoof infomercials. We're also hoping to establish a network of connected sites; more on this when we've thought about it more.

This site is pretty much complete now that I've finished improving the back-end system (mainly with use of Javascript which I haven't really used much in the past). I've also been trying my hand at Actionscript 3.0 (the latest content panel is now AS 3.0), and as baffl… continue reading

New Site

Woop! I've more or less completed the new site design. There are a few kinks which need smoothing out, mainly to do with the back-end, but other than that I'm dead chuffed with how it's turned out. It's a fairly similar layout to the previous design, except I've gone back to the classic light on dark which has been the mainstay of the site for every design prior to the last one. I've done away with the Flash navigation simply because it's not really advisable to use Flash for such an vital element of the site. I will probably play around with the banner once everything else is finished though, because I was fond of the clouds and lightning effects on the previous banner. I think this design is much neater because the spacing is much more uniform. The drop shadows I used before were a nightmare to make consistent, even though they did look quite nice.

I've heavily revamped the music section too. It is a bit more like a Soundclick type thing now, with each song having its own informati… continue reading
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