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Anarcho-Capitalism: An Objectivist's Critique

This is my first video for YouTube which is political/philosophical in nature:

The political goal of both Objectivists and anarcho-capitalists is: To ban violence/coercion/the initiation of force in human relationships. The two disagree on what the best political system is to achieve this goal. Objectivism proposes the need for a government to monopolise the use of retaliatory force. Anarcho-capitalists see this monopoly as itself being an initiation of force. It's not.

A monopoly on retaliatory force is required because the non-initiation of force is not optional or debatable; it is the very principle which both systems claim to be aiming to uphold. Allowing competition is effectively saying that the non-aggression principle is optional, as it allows private agencies to decide which laws and principles they want to follow, regardless of whether they are correct.

The point of an Objectivist government is to eliminate this subjectivity; not because those in a government are somehow "more o… continue reading


VenomFangX is a fairly well known vlogger on YouTube, and has probably already received far more attention than he deserves, but I feel the need to have my say on this bafflingly arrogant and downright laughable imbecile.

The above (removed) video almost makes it look as if VenomFang thinks he is the messiah or something - particularly how he calls those on the list he made "lesser people". VenomFang has made numerous videos arguing from his extreme Christian perspective, with ridiculous propositions such as the Earth being only 6000 years old, and evolution being a creation of Satan. He takes the Bible as a literal historical account, regardless of the fact that it contradicts itself countless times and advocates heinous acts such as murdering non-believers and disobedient children. VenomFang even believes the story of Noah's Ark is a historically accurate account. He takes Christianity so far that he is verging on a parody of the religion.

Such is his arrogance and self-righteousne… continue reading

Free Tibet?

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage surrounding the riots in China, where thugs supporting the campaign for Tibet's independence have been going around damaging private property and attacking completely innocent people. They have been doing this in protest against "human rights violations" commited by the Chinese communists since they took control of Tibet in the 1950s, and have seen much support from the West.

Now, before I begin to look like a supporter of the Chinese communists, I will say I am absolutely not. As an Objectivist and firm believer in the moral righteousness of laissez-faire capitalism, I hate communism and socialism in all its forms. My reasons for siding with the Chinese in this case in fact stems from my political ideas.

Prior to the Chinese occupation, Tibet was a slave society. Conditions for the majority of the population were abysmal as most lived in utter poverty, working for the ruling Lama class often without any pay whatsoever. Gruesome torture … continue reading


Unfortunately I haven't been keeping this blogging lark up recently, simply because I've been too busy with my business work, and my university work (which is now piled up higher than some kind of tower, like the Eiffel Tower, or maybe like the Colossus of Rhodes). Construction of my company website was completed a few weeks ago, and we've been doing some other work since then which has gone really well; and for university I basically have my final project and 3 hefty essays to do before graduation in July. I've put [DkR] on hold for a while until all this work is out of the way. Anyway, this blog will kinda just be a mish-mash of random thoughts which have accumulated in my brain and which I deem worth mentioning, even though they will probably be totally uninteresting to nearly everyone who might read them.

LaCie finally sent me the replacement power supply for my 1TB external hard-drive which I bought 3 months ago, so I'm now happy with a spacious 1580GB of hard-disk real-estate. I… continue reading

Dribbles of Dribble

Now then, now then. Well, second week back went fairly rapidly.. My bro drove me over to Leeds last Sunday on his way to gym and I went to Mat's place for some high class entertainment. We did some work on our various projects, played some games, and had a generally pleasant evening. Had a seminar on Monday which was alright; doing about web-accessibility issues. Afterwards we grabbed some food from an Indian - Mat bought some crazy-ass Indian desserts which were spherical and sugary. We had another game of bowling and I got flippin' 3 strikes in a row!! Did a load more work and gaming in the evening, and also watched a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords, which is a damn funny sit-com from the U.S., featuring 2 New Zealanders who have moved to New York (I posted a thing about it on the forums). We didn't get to sleep 'til the early hours (again (I see a pattern emerging)).

On Tuesday we went back to mine, and Mat brought his brand new PC (which is almost identical to mine) becaus… continue reading

First Week Back

A busy week it has been! My first week back at university has been pretty crammed actually. I've been over at Mat's and vice-versa, and we've progressed in various fields. I beat him quite impressively at bowling but he beat me at a game of golf (I also came last in a golf game with Mat, Chris and James).. I've never been good at golf though.. We've both been working on our websites a lot, often working into the early hours, and we have come up with some ambitious plans for Swarm involving branching out into entertainment media. For example, we have ideas to make comically re-dubbed videos and spoof infomercials. We're also hoping to establish a network of connected sites; more on this when we've thought about it more.

This site is pretty much complete now that I've finished improving the back-end system (mainly with use of Javascript which I haven't really used much in the past). I've also been trying my hand at Actionscript 3.0 (the latest content panel is now AS 3.0), and as baffl… continue reading