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[DkR] Movie 2008

Posted by Darkademic in Gaming   1 comment

This is the latest movie for the Dark Reavers Team Fortress 2 clan. It uses some of the same clips from the previous movie but it is in black and white and features the newest [DkR] theme tune. Enjoy!

The high quality version is available to anyone who wants it; just leave a comment.

Free Tibet?

Posted by Darkademic in Politics   0 comments

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage surrounding the riots in China, where thugs supporting the campaign for Tibet's independence have been going around damaging private property and attacking completely innocent people. They have been doing this in protest against "human rights violations" commited by the Chinese communists since they took control of Tibet in the 1950s, and have seen much support from the West.

Now, before I begin to look like a supporter of the Chinese communists, I will say I am absolutely not. As an Objectivist and firm believer in the moral righteousness of laissez-faire capitalism, I hate communism and socialism in all its forms. My reasons for siding with the Chinese in this case in fact stems from my political ideas.

Prior to the Chinese occupation, Tibet was a slave society. Conditions for the majority of the population were abysmal as most lived in utter poverty, working for the ruling Lama class often without any pay whatsoever. Gruesome torture me… continue reading